Spring, another Domestic Post

Our landlord mentioned getting new windows 2 1/2 years ago. Well, we got them in Tuesday! The install crew says we’ll be able to feel the difference in temperature this summer as well as the difference on our bill. Those two weeks of ridiculous heat last summer have not left my mind. Even with a good window unit running, the thermostat still read 95F in the house. When I relayed to Brad what the window man said, I nearly started crying at the thought of a better summer.

In preparation for getting the windows, they asked that we move the furniture 4 feet away from all the windows. When Brad rearranged the kids’ rooms, they were ecstatic. Arwen’s room looked the most different. She jumped up and down saying, “Dats a great idea!”

It always blew my mind a little when I was young and a room got rearranged. Reminds me of staring into the mirror at the room behind me and how it looked like a completely different room. Brad did a lot of moving that night in our tv room. It looks awesome, his design. Seems like such a minor thing to rearrange but, creatively speaking, it really gets one out of a rut.

And the garbage one finds! Not all of it garbage really, just things that belong elsewhere, mostly cds and notebooks that got shoved into our bookshelves. I enjoy vacuuming now that we have a Dyson, so it was a bonus to see all the fuzz and popcorn kernels get sucked up, and my lovely housewife nerves felt much better once I could easily walk across the floor.

Then I realized that this must be what is meant by spring cleaning. I don’t remember my mother’s spring cleaning. She deep cleaned year round, the tiles, the tub, the walls, the cabinet doors, but she is minimal is her home making, so there’s not a lot getting pushed around and continually organized. I’d like to rearrange every spring, if Brad’s up to it, ‘cause I don’t care to do it by myself. It was a fun thing to share with him. He actually suggested we get a small sofa for extra seating, and with new electronics to buy he rarely suggests we spend on new furniture :)