The Pendulum Swing

British Airways apologized to Mirko Fischer for the way they treated him when he was asked to move out of a seat beside a child travelling alone. They also handed him 2,161 pounds.

Their policy for protecting children travelling alone states that a lone male cannot sit beside one of these children. Mr. Fischer was travelling with his wife on the other side of him.

He said: “I felt humiliated and outraged. They accuse you of being some kind of child molester just because you are sitting next to someone.”

Concern for the children is legitimate, but so many people in policy making positions swing on the pendulum too far. For the same reason, instead of teaching moderation, the culture I grew up in taught that any amount of liquor was evil because of alcoholism in my family and so many of my friends’ families. (It was a dry county but crawling with crystal meth.)

It’s also why you see almost no male teachers on the elementary school level. Arwen had a male substitute in kindergarten several months ago. He was about 35 or 40, and he left a strange picture in my memory sitting in that rocking chair, eerily comical. I can only imagine how many strange looks and questions he got from the mothers. Sadly, the lack of men means almost no male role models in the system for our boys. If Seth didn’t have his daddy to look up to, he would have his P.E. teacher, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mario.