How do I finish a book?

When Savannah was born, my schedule got messed up, getting up so often, sleeping when she slept. Staying up til 2am so much, I started a sci-fi triology and got through 2 of the books. Really good. Somewhere into the third installment, I either realized it was too different from the first and second or spent too much time compulsively checking on Savannah while she was sleeping to make sure she was still breathing.

Speaking of which, as part of my bedtime ritual I’m no longer looking behind the sofa (It’s catty-cornered.) to see if anyone’s hiding. Before I cleaned all the junk from behind it, it wasn’t a problem. Now I have no problem with the possibility of intruders under the bed because that’s my new storage area for all that was behind the couch.

That one actually didn’t last too long. For some reason I don’t check for intruders now. Since Seth was born, I’m too tired to get carried away with things I know are a waste of time. Perhaps with each child I’ll do away with one more useless ritual. Instead, I should collect all those books I haven’t read, put the pile by the couch.