Georgia’s version, originally posted 9/19/02, Seth’s blog

Labor was swift. Not much time for even a kick in the head, much less drugs. Not that I wasn’t asking. My poor sister, expecting her second and nervous I’m sure about what it will be like, how quick and how painful. She asked me, “Are you sure they didn’t have time for something, even a local?” I didn’t answer honestly at the time, “I guess they could have.” or something like it. My labor doesn’t really apply to her anyway.

Time passes strangely in labor. My sister and cousin said similar things. After all’s said and done, you look at the clock and think, how did so much time pass? After my water broke, what took an hour in Seth’s labor, felt like 20 minutes. Even though I wasn’t in any pain with Savannah after 5 centemeters, the hours ticked by quickly.

After he came, I wondered where that endorphen high was that I’d looked forward to. But you know? After I said, “I gotta push. I gotta push.” and the nurse told me to pant so she’d have time to get the OB, I don’t remember the pain. I think that was my high. God has mercy.

I couldn’t tell when to push or not to, confused because the nurse had told me not to so she wouldn’t have to deliver him. I imagine it was one big contraction. I asked them when to stop pushing, between contractions that is. Whatever they answered meant something like, listen to your body. I had to reach down to my belly to feel if I was contracted.

I pushed 4 times.