I’ve gone a long time without dreaming, or at least not remembering my dreams, maybe sleeping too hard. But lately they’ve started up again.

Last night, when Brad came to bed, he said there would be a meteor shower but the best time to see it was still 30 minutes away. I thought, “How romantic that he wants to see it with me.” But oh I really didn’t want to get up. I used to love to be up as the sun came up, but I know how I’ll feel the next day if I don’t sleep enough.

No rest for the wicked, or mothers.

But I dreamed about the meteor shower. It was beautiful. Like a huge Independence Day only from a far off distance. I dreamed I saw it in my own yard. I dreamed I went out again, and I was in the yard I grew up in. The neighbor had horses galloping around his backyard, instead of junked cars behind a privacy fence the neighborhood made him put up. Some of the horses had gotten into Mom’s yard. I barked at them thinking they’d scare back into their yard. Then I realized one of them was a dog and wanted to take me up on my challenge. I woke up.

Now I really wanted to see the meteor shower. The dream was the liveliest I’ve had in a long time. I got dressed for cool weather and stepped outside. Brad had dropped into a restful enough sleep he asked if I’d come get him if the show was still on.

It wasn’t. Already 5:30, the sun was on it’s way back around, or rather, the Earth was. Then I remembered the pit bulls next door. I looked around the sky for a few minutes. We’ve so many trees, even without the leaves, a meteor shower would’ve been hard to see.

Before Brad left this morning, I told him he could instant message me an internet picture. I’m sure someone had one loaded just after taking the picture.