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I'm being told there's something going on with my thyroid. I don't know when I got paranoid. It was before Lorena's dying. And there's been about 5 or 6 cancers in my family from my grandparents years ago to my aunt's more recently. So far the OB told me it can be normal in this stage of postpartum and first trimester. I'm going to see my general practitioner soon.

I am weaning Seth, and it's going well. A little sad cause he's only a year, but I'm hoping I'll get some energy back. A friend tells me it's the third pregnancy, each one becomes more tiresome. I wonder if it's the pregnancy, or the pregnancy combined with not siiting still (two children already.) I was so sedentary before Savannah's birth. It's not even funny. In fact, it's depressing, wasted time, Tetris, Jeopardy, coffee shops.

It wasn't all wasted. I enjoyed Austin. Brad and I enjoyed Austin together, and we have good memories enjoying the movies like we did and quiet dinners in restaurants. I edited about three books for my in laws. I read a few books. Barnes and Noble and Starbucks were good jobs and I learned a lot from them. Well, I guess it wasn't totally wasted. I guess I feel I should've learned a trade, seen more plays, travelled, made some discipline to write every day.

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  1. Chris
    Posted Tue Oct 7 09:59:47 -0800 2003 |

    My mother had a thyroid problem when she was nineteen. While the symptoms were rather severe (she would shake uncontrollably to the point where she could not drink a glass of water) she underwent a minor operation and hasn't been more normal since. I was not born for another sixteen years after all this, and had she not told me about it I would never had guessed anything had happened to her; she's as healthy as ever. She has to take a small pill every morning, but it's never been a big deal.

    Nonetheless, make it a point to get regular checkups after your thyroid problem is better. My mother did get breast cancer a couple of years ago, but she caught it so early it hardly phased her.

    Fear not and I wish you the best.