It's been almost three weeks, next Monday, that my headache(s) started up. Lying down for so long with the migraine got me really stiff. The third day I woke up stiff and stretched my neck. Felt like I hurt it. I've woken up hurting every night since. I stay awake for hours because lying down is painful. Heat pads, a new messager, getting up, sometimes they help, sometimes they don't.

My mother went to the chiropractor. I go too when I have a little problem. But I think it takes a real problem to become a believer. I paid a visit to the "back doctor" yesterday. Last night I woke up several times, my throat bone dry, a little stiff, but each time I could tell that I could soon go back to sleep. It was awesome.

One time that I drifted back to sleep, I soon woke up from a terrible dream. A big, mean, brown bear (This will only sound funny now.) stood upright outside the sliders on my deck. I grabbed a big butcher knife and stood the way he did. I growled, roared and snarled to make him go away. I had to grab the 2 little ones and run to Savannah's bedroom because he was going to charge the glass doors and chase us. I lowered Savannah down first, tossed the knife out, then jumped out with Seth. I was close to waking. I discovered a long time ago that when close to waking but not quite, I could replay my dreams as if I were practising. (If I ever fully realize I'm dreaming, I wake up a second later.) I played it over a few times. When I woke up, I realized that with another baby coming, my timing and lack of arms would change everything. By then, a bear on my deck was not a reality.

On a recent episode of Clifford, Cleo got stuck in a bush. When a skunk came along, she growled and barked. The skunk sprayed her. I thought the skunk was making friends and Cleo barked too soon. When I woke up, I thought the same thing about growling at the bear. Why does Clifford keep coming up?

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  1. Ron
    Posted Fri Oct 31 11:34:07 -0800 2003 |

    Once, in high school, I was having a dream that was going badly (for me), and then I realized I was dreaming but did not wake up. I was able to "rewind" the dream and change a single event---don't laugh, but it was a fork in a road---that changed everything for the better. I've spent the last twenty years trying to once again achieve that level of lucidity in a dream without waking, but so far have been unsuccessful. Dreams are such a strange part of our being, are they not?