According to the Bethel, CT page of, I may be done with my down coat. I looked like a football player in it, one who'd eaten a thousand too many twinkies, but oh, was I comfy in that frosty, 2 degree air.

I'd love to see my children running through the back yard. It's hard to imagine setting up the sprinkler, but the leaching fields have melted, and even though we could still have a blizzard, we are on the better side of winter.

I am trying not to think too big about gardening this year. I did very little last year. But if they'll grow, I'd like dusty miller and impatiens. They will show up well against the dark house, maybe red and white will show up well in the shade lining the walkway. Other than that I'd really like to feed the hostas and roses his year. The hostas line one side of my driveway. I don't get enough sun for the roses to do very well, but it would do good just to cut them back. They're too long and skinny. But it's only February, and I'm quite large right now with 8 weeks to go.