Brad rented Hidalgo. I never wanna pronounce the H. Is that right? It's a cool word, meaning untamed I believe. It was all right. I didn't quite buy his reasons for being called "Far Rider." I don't think it was Mr. Mortensens's fault. We just weren't given enough, until the death/rain dance scene where he finds his religion again.

Anyway, when I first saw the trailer before it's release, I thought, why would I ever watch a movie like that? I'm a very thirsty person, and I thought it would be painful to watch people suffer from heat and thirst in the Arabian desert.

A few nights later, we caught Seabiscuit on cable. That's one I was more willing to see. I liked the documentary style and seeing that Tobey Maguire can get mean if he wants to.

But two horse movies could just be coincidence. Savannah has a 13 year old babysitting friend who has riding lessons. Now Savannah wants lessons. (I said wait.) She also just had her My Little Pony birthday party, so one of her friends brought her horses and ponies and their little saddles and other paraphernalia. So now we have ponies and horses with moving joints lying around the house. They're even falling out of the back of the van when I open it up.