Celebrating 30 years: February 16th

My birthday started out nice and slow. Brad got up without my asking to tend to Seth's changing and the handing out of pop tarts. I came up out of sleep about the time of morning my mother began to push me out 30 years ago.

After I got up, Brad informed me that he'd taken a vacation day so we could hang out! We all took Savannah to school and made grocery and Costco stops, where he told me to pick out some flowers. I chose trumpet lillies.

Brad and Savannah made and decorated a cake for me while I got more into a John Irving novel, in a quiet room!

When I was called out of the bedroom, Brad had displayed a pan of cake roses, made with my first gift, a William Sonoma rose-mold baking pan. I saw it in the store window a year ago and never thought he'd get that for me. He had several gifts wrapped prettily and placed on the dining table with the birthday cards I've gotten over the last week. Here is the thoughtful list: an attachment for our iPod for voice recording, two mini bag boxes of Act II, Williams Sonoma lavender soap and lotion, lavender stationary (good paper), clothes for the iPod, and lastly I thought, a dainty and very tasteful chain with a sapphire/diamond combination. Then he says Donna's coming over! This means we get to go out in the Nissan, our vehicle without the three car seats in back.

We went to Sansar, an Indian restaurant in downtown Pleasanton. The atmosphere reminded me of a slightly nicer version of the Sit Down diner in Danbury, CT only with the Indian privacy screen, Indian artwork, and two televisions with indian music videos playing. Our waiter, who might have been the owner, looked like an Indian version of John Irving. They made wonderful food. With the exception of an Indian restaurant we went to in NYC, the only Indian food experience I've had is Betty Choate's, which I think is Northern Indian. I had the mixed grill, with curried potatoes and rice, garlic naan and chapati. I did not have room for the homemade Pistachio ice cream. This is where Brad surprised me with a sapphire ring to match the necklace :)