A good day

Our first day of summer was our first day to hit 100°F. 101 actually. I am a good girl, saving energy like the people at the power plant tell me, running my washer, dryer, and washing machine either in the morning or evening, when people everywhere are least likely to run the AC.

After going to the gym, we hung out at home; the kiddies used up their cartoon time while I vacuumed out the van and mopped the kitchen and bathrooms. It’s so much easier in the cool morning. After lunch, 3 of our neighbors came over to run through the sprinkler. After the last girl went home, we headed to Safeway for better air conditioning. Our window unit does what it can, but…. We all had a cold drink and Savannah and Seth each picked out a box of popsicles. The caffeine in my drink got rid of my headache, and I got back to work in the kitchen and laundry room tonight. The kids stayed up later than usual, which actually worked out well because they were too tired to holler out or get out of bed again and again.