The big 14!

Brad and I were married 14 years today :) Yes, that’s 14. I’m sure you’re doing the math. I was 17. He was 19. We honeymooned in Memphis and Gatlinburg. A week later, we went home to our tiny brown, brown, upon brown apartment on E. Market Street. We took the kids to Chili’s last night. I rediscovered how much I like Chili’s. Not only the Texas vibe but Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) made it Funny! in “The Client.” Am I using my anniversary blog to plug The Office? I think I am. We all had dessert. Today we had our iced mochas, kit kat, and milk duds. I think the gift for 14 is chocolate!

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  1. Anil
    Posted Wed Jun 7 14:57:59 -0800 2006 |

    Congrats, that's amazing! We've only been married 7 months and it feels like a long time (in a good way).

    Also, I hear that Chili's is the new golf course. :)