I’m blogging this so that I’ll stay true to my word, like confession. I’m cleaning out the kiddies’ toys. I “cleaned up” a couple of times since moving here nearly 2 years ago. But it’s gotten to the point of driving me mad again, the constant picking up. They are old enough that I make them pick up something every day.

I never thought we spoiled our children with toys and presents and prizes, but when you look at the little happies they acquire from friends, birthdays, Christmas, cake toppers, church, kiddie meals (which we don’t do anymore), school…. I am overwhelmed.

However, I do take the blame for all this STUFF. At this age (I won’t always be saying this) how can this be their fault? I only have to look at the pile of papers accumulating in my bedroom floor to know where they get it.

How has our world become so overwhelmed by JUNK. Even as adults, the junky papers that I have to go through and throw out is ridiculous. I wonder, if I just trashed the paper pile in my bedroom, how much of it would I ever miss?

I wanna spit. Can I just spit?