The Red Badge of Courage

I’m reading a book! I’ve had The Red Badge of Courage since I left home and my mother unloaded some old books on me, which I gladly took, not knowing how long it would take me to read them.

It’s a book of short stories, and I’ve just completed Maggie: Girl of the Streets. It’s hard to read about parents kicking their kids around, but I’m glad I stuck with it. Caused a bit of a stir at the end of the 19th century. Maybe tomorrow I will post the list of books I have on my reading list. These are all books that I already own. Looking through the bookstore (or library) almost always brings me down because I know that buying another book won’t make me start reading again. I leave empty handed. Maybe it’s pulling the cable plug that’s finally done it.

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  1. Sandra
    Posted Fri Aug 25 23:01:00 -0800 2006 |

    You said that your reading plans were "Maybe...because we disconnected the cable..?" Yes, THAT'S IT!!! :)) I'm cheering for you as you are rediscovering the utter joy of reading (and with a houseful of small kids to boot!) Reading is my PRIMARY form of entertainment (that is not interpersonal or kid-related) and has been for...IDK...forever??

    We haven't ever had cable (by choice) since we were married, and we don't miss it, and don't plan to get it. Ever. :) We don't twig people who DO have it, but we find that for us not having it has brought a whole host of blessings for our family, and we value those too much to endanger them.

    Plus 99% of what's out there on TV now is C**P, according to what we *have* seen (or heard about from others). It's just not like it used to be (yeah, pull me up a rockin' chair on the porch, I'm soundin' like a old lady already! hee hee!).

    Anyway, do enjoy the bliss of reading again...and if I were you, I'd boot The Chronicles of Narnia right up to the tippy top of that list, my friend! I read and loved them as a child and still reread them every few years. They make great family read-aloud material, even for fairly young kids, and they hold the interest of the adults as well. The depth and imagery is fabulous, often very touching and emotionally engaging. Again - enjoy!
    I'll be interested in hearing more about your reading journey.

    Love and hugs - and wishes for ongoing pleasant weather!! :)