My nights

Three sets of teeth must be brushed. Brad and I play tag, depending on who has more energy and which child is having the most selective hearing. I’m currently enjoying some silence and trying to finish off some food in the house, even though I’m not hungry, to keep it from going bad, namely avocado and hummus. The avocado is the only thing at Trader Joe’s that I have to complain about. Squeeze one the next time you pass it. Sometimes they’re nothing but mush from the rot. I should say something. I’ve no idea what to fix for supper and since I’m probalby ruining my supper’s appetite, I’ll probably wind up making something easy. I like finding things that need finishing up and making a conglomerate meal. Yes, the Conglomerate Meal. It should get it’s own recipe book. It would go on and on and on…. Tonight I think it’s scrambled eggs and chicken salad sandwiches, although Brad had a sandwich for lunch, unless Byrne talked him into Indian again. I do love those leftovers. There’s nothing like that first taste of curry off my plate. We also have some yummy pork tamales from Costco that I just discovered. So much better than the canned tamales I made when we first married.

Anyway, back to my nights, I’ve gone to bed at 10 o’clock for TWO nights in a row! Aren’t I the picture of self-discipline? A few year’s ago, a girlfriend told me that the best thing a mother can do for her children is get a good night’s sleep. It took a few year’s to sink in, but I’ve put it to practice. I feel better and realize that I’m really not missing that much, just extra googling.