Paring down

Since I bombed on last year’s resolutions, (I had six, maybe seven, and I’m not even sure if I could name them without looking back at my blog.) I only have one for the coming year. I started 3 days ago.

No eating while I’m driving.

This has never been a big problem, but days back, as I was taking a bite of my cream cheese sandwich, I looked over at the driver next to me taking a bite of his fast food breakfast sandwich. Now, I love my cream cheese sandwich, made with the toasted sesame Ezekiel bread. (There is something so nicely subtle about the taste of sesame, dresses up just about everything.) But I wasn’t enjoying it, looking for brake lights and red traffic lights turning green, filtering the children’s complaints from the backseat for the more important complaints, music playing…. It seemed a little sad, people driving and eating at the same time, an obvious symbol of a hectic life.

Resolving to take time for each meal actually embodies other changes that need to be made. Publilius Syrus said one of many witty and painfully obvious truths, “To do two things at once is to do neither.” And according to a recent article in The Week, multitasking is getting us no where. This is disappointing to me. In the same way, I was disappointed to learn that people who are comfortable in their clutter are often more productive than us tidy folk. (I don’t like clutter, and I’m often not productive.) But I think I can make a greater effort to enjoy and focus on one thing at a time, then I can being productive in a trashed house. I don’t know. I know I don’t like looking down to see that my sandwich has disappeared and I’m wondering where it went.