Not toooo busy

When school lets out, there is a panic that sets in among mothers. You can feel it like a wave over the town. It’s why those summer camps are so popular, staffed with teenagers, you see them leading groups of kids in matching t-shirts here and there, trying to chase them down through the sprinklers when it’s time to leave the soccer park. It’s good for the teenagers to see what trouble they were themselves a few years earlier. And it’s good to keep the little ones busy!

That first week after Savannah gets out of school, I can tell she’s used to constant social stimulation, a teacher’s attention, children all around her, moving from station to station, to lunch to recess. Hey, I still miss it myself. Then the first week of summer is sooo quiet for her. She hovers around me, sometimes staring at me. It would be funny if I weren’t in the middle of a phone conversation.

But even if I could afford to enroll them in this science camp or that sports camp, running little ones all over town, eating fast food, making phone calls or napping in the van, I don’t want to. As much as I like to get out and about, I was raised in a quiet home; we never went anywhere. And I mean that. An aunt’s house doesn’t count to a 10 year old. Both extremes will wear on my spirit.

We spent the weekend in Santa Margarita/San Luis Obispo with good friends, beach bonfire, fish and chips/crabcakes in Morro Bay, Dark Knight (mama and daddy) at a cinema underneath a Starbucks like the bat’s cave. Before that we visited and travelled around the area with Brad’s mother, Yosemite, Muir Woods, Golden Gate Park.

Savannah is getting noticeably better at her ice skating lessons. Arwen just finished a small session of ballet, just to introduce her to it, see if she’ll enjoy it. And yes, she enjoys it immensely. Oddly, they’re all objecting to swim lessons, but I’ll enroll them anyway.

Today we’ll go to my favorite park downtown, walk to Meadowlark dairy for soft serve and go pick up an American Girl movie on hold at the library. Love the library.