Fage from Trader Joe’s

Sally at Trader Joe’s, offering tasty samples and answering all my cheese questions, turned me onto Fage (pronounced Fa-yeh!), Greek style yogurt. As a product of my generation, I naturally reached for the non-fat. But Mireille Guiliano, of French Women Don’t Get Fat fame, said to go for the full fat. Ok, I like fat.

I’d no idea yogurt could be so good. The texture of the non fat was already nice and thick, but the whole milk yogurt was over the top, and filling as well.

If you live anywhere near a Trader Joe’s and you like yogurt, I highly recommend this one. It is best with grapes (1) and/or strawberries as well as granola. (Flax seed offers a nutty taste to compliment the fruit.) Beware, it also contains cream, and I don’t think anyone should take the one cup serving size to heart, but the fat of the milk and cream are also what make it so satisfying.

1) If you like grapes, they are lovely with milk products, not just yogurt, but Brad likes them cut up into his ice cream and marvels, “Why has no one marketed grape ice cream?” Grapes also make a nice dessert when cut up into Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes, or your choice of hearty cereal. They combine well with the milk.