I wanna be Etheline Tenenbaum.

Fictional mothers, there’s something I could collect. When I want to feel domestic and motherly, I put The Royal Tenebaums movie into the dvd player. Etheline Tenenbaum, with her patient tone of voice, embodies maternal ambition, longsuffering, and purpose.

After seeing Etheline, and the movie ends, I wanna go put down my deposit for Savannah’s ice skating, give a lesson on the piano, rearrange the puzzles and board games, replace dead batteries, and frame their art work. Good Mama.

Ethel: “Well, I don’t think it’s very intelligent to keep an electrical gadget on the edge of the tub.”

Margot: [in tub] “I tie it to the radiator.”

The movie is about much more than Etheline, and I recommend it if you enjoy dark comedies.


  1. chad
    Posted Wed Apr 22 00:43:36 -0800 2009 |

    looks like you've got quite a bit of the etheline maternal ambition and creativity already being practiced with blog for yourself and 3 children...i feel like i'm strugglin to get up one forum (let alone start my blog and keep everything else going). look forward to all that your creativity could bring to our online community.

  2. Georgia
    Posted Tue Apr 28 11:52:39 -0800 2009 |

    Thank you, Chad. I'm only now blogging more ambitiously. The more you post, the more hits you get. The more hits... the more comments. The more comments.... the more you post.

    Or so it seems to go.

    ~ G.