First thoughts on ‘09 - ‘10 school year

After telling me she could only visit with her friends at recess, which to the children is shockingly short, Arwen said very sadly, “That’s why I don’t like school. I wish I’d stayed 4.” Then before bursting into tears, “I don’t even remember my teacher’s name!” (in preschool.) Then we found a picture of Ms. Sharon.

But this week Arwen has been eager to do her homework. It’s as if she’s WOKEN UP! After getting sent to the table from circle time “3 or 2 times”, she decided she doesn’t like how everyone stares at her, so she’ll stop talking and pay attention to avoid trouble.

Seth made a best friend and invited him to his birthday party this Saturday. We are looking forward to old friends too! He’s counting down the days. He’s excited and “kind of nervous” about his first karate lesson next Tuesday.

Savannah has joined 5th Grade Strings, choosing the violin. Now she’s preparing for her first sleep away camp with Girl Scouts.