Gravity is going to win.

The left side of my face is aging faster than the right. I’m wondering why my right side is still smooth, and I remember how weak my right eye has been since birth. I peer at people out of my left eye far more than my right. Maybe the left side is over-worked.

I only see my sister once a year. Two years ago, Christmas, she said I hadn’t aged in the last year. She claims she can tell, when she hasn’t seen someone in a while, if they’ve aged. It was a nice compliment. Though before she said that I hadn’t thought about it much.

If I smile more, it will slowly make the laugh lines deeper, but hides them at the same time! I won’t get “home” this year for Christmas, so it’ll have been two years by the time my sister sees me again. I wonder if she’ll say anything. Maybe I can smile the entire visit.