The Good, the Bad, and the Sweet

When the temperature dips every fall, such as it has, I pull out the jackets that I didn’t wear through the summer. There is always one, without fail, with half a sugar packet in the pocket, almost always on the right side. The sugar packet is from our little grocery store, where customers are encouraged to sample the hot coffee. I fear the caffeine and sugar are just as much a draw for me as the hobnobbing. With a 4 oz. sample cup of coffee, I only use half a sugar packet at a time. (I have to say here how amazed I am at this small amount of sugar compared to the liquid candy I drank in college.) Maybe I should mention that I do enjoy 3 samples each shopping trip. Maybe I shouldn’t. Saying this does make me less judgmental of the rare customer who fills up her portable mug. She’s probably spent a small fortune on groceries and feels she’s earned it. With the leftover packet, I fold the paper down twice and save the sugar for later.

If the paper comes unfolded inside my pocket, I may reach in and dip my fingers into a pile of sugar. It’s a small mess to clean up for the satisfaction that a habit of frugality brings me. But I’m afraid one day I’ll die and someone will find me in the Trader Joe’s parking lot, melted into a pool of sugar. No need for cremation. Scoop up 4 oz. of me in a biodegradable cup and sing me on my way. What’s in the pockets of your autumn jackets?