Secret Sister’s Breakfast

For the first time today, I spoke to the ladies in our congregation. We had our Secret Sister’s Breakfast today. We revealed who’d been giving to which sister, gave a last gift and drew new names.

I believe I have public speaking in me. I enjoyed speech in college. Today was actually less intimidating than teaching the little ones the first several times. Although the 3 year olds can be really cute.

I spoke about my conversion to the church, being raised Baptist and the struggle I had letting go of the secure beliefs I’d been raised with. It convicted me to write my mother and talk to her about the things that were so hard to talk about 11 years ago. A couple of ladies gave their verbal appreciation, one of which talked about a lot of problems still in her family with doctrinal issues.

I (cautiously) look forward to speaking again.

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  1. zabet
    Posted Sat Mar 15 17:38:28 -0800 2003 |

    hui could you share ideas . I am ou church secret sister coordinator..