A good day for me

I had such a grouchy, confusing morning to turn out so nice. Savannah and I cleaned up some in the yard, sticks/branches, broken bricks and old planks. Thankful my back can still do the bending. We raked. It was early so there wasn’t anything buzzing. I’d like to set up a patio in the front yard by our little shed. There are some nice, large rocks there, and once I get the leaves raked into the woods, it won’t look so snakey. Savannah didn’t have a lot of tolerance yet for how much time it took. (She’s still puny from a stomach virus.) I’m sure her imagination will grow, and the new sibling will occupy her.

I’m excited about the gardening ahead of us this summer. I only plan tomatoes and cucumbers. I heard that hostas are deer candy. Betty and I planted a lot of hostas last August. We don’t have a whole lot of deer in our yard, but I may have to learn the tricks, if there are any. We didn’t have a problem with the deer eating gardens in the South. I think the hunters take care of them. I’m going to a nursery in town this week. I have a lot of questions. What little I know is about the wrong climate.