I haven’t written much lately because everything I think of writing about is about Savannah. Well I keep a blog site just for her. So I tell myself I should write about my own personal thoughts or accomplishments. It’s not working.

I thought today about how sweet she is becoming. I don’t think it’s unusual. She’s just growing up. We got her a patio set, including umbrella and four chairs, umbrella and chairs covered in brightly colored bugs. She said who each of the other chairs belonged to, her friends Alex, Morgan and Abby, who I think had to share one with Gwen.

She obviously wanted to share this new thing with her friends but later before bed she confirmed that the new “toys” belonged to her. “They not Alex’s.” she said. And I aggreed but said if she wants to have friends, she has to share her toys. She said, “Ok” with a sigh. It was a moment I wanted to hug.

We went out on the deck in the afternoon. I planted tomatoes, and she had a tea party (milk) and took a break with me so I could pull weeds in the front yard. She begged off and on until bedtime to go back outside. Once, she announced to me and Brad that she was going to the sliding doors to look at her new umbrella. The sweetness of it to me is that she loves these new toys so earnestly and isn’t ashamed. They’re hers, and they make her happy. It’s very innocent.