Brad’s birthday present

One of a few of Brad’s favorite desserts, Italian Creme Cake, I made for him last night. It was a surprise, although he could hear my hammering the black walnuts with the rolling pin. (My little food processor is missing.) I wondered if he would think I was doing some carpentry for his birthday.

He was very happy to see what I’d made, and it was even edible. One of the three layers rose lopsided, so much that the thinner side was crispy on the edge. I didn’t put enough frosting on the two bottom layers, and I used a butter knife to spread the frosting which doesn’t work well.

It was good enough though that Brad looks forward to more and thinks that it will be a big hit at church potlucks :)

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  1. kelli
    Posted Thu Jul 25 00:20:29 -0800 2002 |

    comfort in fellow cooking woes ;)