Rude awakenings

I had the rudest awakening yesterday morning, I think the worst leg cramp I’ve had (symptom of pregnancy). Although I imagine every leg cramp feels like it’s the worst. As soon as I stretched it out, I put my leg back down on the bed, and it cramped up again. Next time, assuming there is one, I’m going to put my weight on it sooner.

This morning, I had a very tense dream about having to play a piano piece with people singing in front of a crowd. I had only a few minutes to prepare, and it’s been a while since I’ve played piano. Next thing I know I’m on an elevator and feel very threatened by some guys who were on there. I turned to a paraplegic next to me and asked him, what he would do right now if he had legs. I woke up next and found my left arm, which I was not lying on, was very tense and had fallen asleep and my right jaw was aching from being clenched.

Savannah came in then. She’s better all the time about letting me wake up slowly, and what’s more, she didn’t get up til 8.