Mississippi or Bust

Written November 23rd, 2002

On a road through Pennsylvania, a sign on the back of an avocado green mobile home said, “The not so rich and famous.”

It’s hard to sit up front in the van with Seth so far in the back. We took out the middle row of seats to make room for toys, drinks, diapers and “stuff that belongs in Mississippi.” I checked on him once. Brad tried to talk me down, trying to save Seth, me or everybody from my compulsiveness. He was fine, and I, of course, woke him up. He went to sleep, I guess. I haven’t checked on him again, yet.

To the best of her memory, Savannah went through her 1st tunnel in Pennsylvania. I told her it was just like how Bob the Builder saved the porcupines by making a tunnel under the road.

She thinks she doesn’t have to go potty if “Da tinkle not dere.” I almost always make her go anyway, and when she hears it, I say, “I told you.”

5ish P.M. Brad just told me that we’re entering the part of the country that sells Wendy’s breakfasts. Biscuits and gravy, YEAH!

Her chalk, miniature kit kat, a wipee to clean the chocolate off of her heands, I had to toss things to Savannah because of the distance. The kit kat and wippee I had to make two attempts.

Going on 6 hours - She’s doing so well on this trip, I think she will fall asleep soon. We’re nearly 6 hours into it. I felt a little crazy sitting next to her. I made up a goody bag, but as soon as I produced something, read it or let her play with it, she said, “Mama, what else you got for me.” The happy she had in front of her wasn’t as nice as the next.

Our children are both sleeping.

I hadn’t realized how accustomed I’ve become to mobility. Waiting on the oil change at the Saturn place the other day, I yawned and relaxed to the point that I realized I was exhausted. The same thing happened another day. So I’m sitting beside Savannah who’s demanding amusement. I’m up and down a lot at home. At one point, I had the slight feeling of screaming creeping up on me. I didn’t. I won’t, not because it’s not in me but because it would scare my daughter. It was Brad who pointed out she was fighting sleep. When I looked at her, she was always happy as a lark.

I’m going to get Brad a present. We were clicking the children into their seats this morning, ready to put the van in reverse and leave the hotel parking lot. Brad remembered that I wanted the back row in the van pushed up right behind our seats. So he removed our stuff and changed everything around, and he didn’t have any gloves. Chilly weather, I could see my breath. Of course when I said I was getting him a surprise, he wanted to know what it was. I never tell.

Last night, that last hour was awful. She was so tired, I raised my voice at her and scared Seth. They were both crying. I moved back up front after nursing him in the van on the side of the road. I feared getting hit by a drunk, so it was just a snack. He wasn’t happy about that. Savannah was beside herself to get me in the back seat again. But my being there was keeping her awake. They finally dozed just before we got to the Holiday Inn.

She was really curious about the sounds she heard at the hotel. Either a party or a loud tv, I think both, interested her at first. She went to sleep and woke up with a fresh start today.

Louisville, KY. I love seeing trees in a city.

About 3 hours into the 2nd day of the trip, Savannah says, “I wanna go home.”

We lack 5+ hours. Savannah is finally asleep. Seth gave me a smile at the gas station, but he has slept very soundly. I was so tired reading Curious George, my speech was really slurred, but Seth’s car seat keeps me from leaning back.