My health watch

If you’re even just a little bit serious about finding all that might be unhealthy for you, look on the internet, and I’m guessing you’ll find more about what’s unhealthy than what is healthy.

I’ve a friend on the West Coast who’s gone all organic and friends here on my coast who are as good as there. So I’m thinking a lot. Surprised how much info I can find while Savannah and Seth are sleeping.

I thought that since I’m hearing about nitrates and cancer I may get our sausage (I’m skeptical about anyone doing a better tasting job than Jimmy Dean.) and hot dogs at the healthfood store. In the meantime, I’ll drink orange juice for the vitamin C to help combat the nitrate changing to carcinogens, or something or other. Lo and behold, I read that vegetables and fruits are high in nitrates too, and organic may not make a difference. Apparently it’s in the manure too. Then there’re nitrates in the water. I’d better be sure to change the refrigerator water filter on time, assuming that’ll make a difference.

I’m nursing an infant and plan to nurse for another 18 months or so. But I’ve found that the calcium in the milk that I thought I needed is actually being used up in order to process the animal protein also in the milk.

I intend to keep looking.

Update: Well, I did not keep looking. I thought about it, and I probably would’ve gone somewhat organic, but my other half wasn’t sold on it. I never was entirely sold myself. I’m still not microwaving. Even if the microwave isn’t damaging my food, I’ve found that I use my kitchen in a different, healthier way. We don’t eat as many quick frozen foods, the kind that have a huge ingredient list. I reheat on the stove or toaster oven. But in order to avoid that, (We’re killing the good things every time we reheat.) I don’t make the large batches of food that I used to, therefore I’m not throwing food out like I used to!

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  1. chris
    Posted Sun Feb 16 11:49:01 -0800 2003 |

    try not to worry so much. it's neverending. for example, they think that a lot of aging and subsequently dying is caused by the oxidizing environment of our atmosphere. in other words, the gas we require for respiration also causes our tissues and cellular material to slowly corrode.