Almost everybody sick

I’m exhausted. Still staying up to catch this week’s episode of 24. Seeing a preview of 24 a year ago, I thought it looked stupid. I’ve caught on to the extreme drama of it which I can overlook cause times have been extreme lately, what with the terrorist threat level being raised to high.

I’m exhausted because a bug that’s been going through our house isn’t finished with me and Seth. Savannah is now her bouncy, demanding busy body, ignoring my requests and demands with the beginning of a smile on her face, like she had never had a fever of 103.5+.

Seth’s fever last night was not nearly that high, but a five month old with a fever is still unnerving. I was really grateful for the kiddie swing today. I got to email a friend I hadn’t contacted in at least a year. I slept very little last night. He nursed a lot. He fell asleep once while I moved a wet wash cloth between belly, back and head, fanning the cool skin every now and then. Even in his sleep he was fussy, whimpering every time he exhaled. Poor guy. He has let me put him down very little today.

So Seth and I slept on the couch during Savannah’s morning cartoons. During that time, she shreaded a paper towel. We built a city out of her blocks and did some drag racin’ with her cars, all still in the floor. The window ledge is lined with dirty dishes, books and papers, pillows strewn about and breakfast toast crumbs on the carpet. Am I admitting too much? But hey, I’m sick.

I need to remember to tell Brad that I sneezed on the phone and the mouse. He isn’t sick - yet.