April 30

Watching British children's television, laundry, fighting the urge to go out cause that's what I really like. But the girl, at 3 1/2, is getting spoiled on going. She has to be able to stay home too.

I stayed home a lot when I was little, no playdates either. The extreme opposite wasn't good either. I've realized lately that's why I got into so many kindergarten fights. I didn't always win either, esp. against the boys.

I could see her getting into some rumbles. I hope not though. The fights I got into never got back to Mom, so I didn't get any lessons on tattling vs. running vs. hitting back. I think a combination of defending and telling may be the best way to go.

Too soon to worry about this? We're looking into preschools. It's exciting though cause we know she'll love it. We went to the park Monday. She knew we weren't meeting any of her friends there and asked who would she play with. I told her she'd make a friend there at the park which she did.