Piddly things to laugh about now

It had been such a good day! I actually tae-boed. And except for one little incident where Savannah wanted to stretch out in the floor putting her feet too close to my tae-boing feet (teasing me), we're getting along great.

I had four places to go in my errands: 1) The post office, 2) Once Upon A Child, 3) Wal-Mart and 4) Linens 'N' Things.

I hadn't spent much time in any place which meant everybody's energy and spirits were up. I got over zealous and went into #4 carrying Seth who is not that heavy and letting Savannah walk. Since I didn't have a basket to push Savannah in, we took the escalator. (This is a big Linens 'N' Things.) Why I bothered with the diaper bag, which was now stuffed with Savannah's coat, is only because I'm used to a BASKET.

She bravely tried the escalator for the first time without holding my hand because I didn't have an extra one. I should've known better. Her footing was bad, and she let go of the side rail. She did not fall, just got all sprawled out between 2 or 3 steps. For whatever reason, even though she cried out and was pretty scared, I didn't panic. I didn't know what to do either. I could've easily dropped my bag to help, but I was a little paralyzed. A woman stepped out from behind me to grab her. I was a little scared to step on it myself. But we all got to the top ok. Savannah usually calms down pretty quickly.

Needless to say.... I feel guilty that I didn't react. That I just felt a little ho hum like everything would be ok somehow. I wondered if I felt that way because, thankfully, God is taking care of us. Thanks also to the brunette in the red shirt.

We stood in line at the checkout feeling loaded down. Dancing Dora was what we'd come for. The coupon that I had actually advertised the reduced price. So now it's 25 instead of 20. We stood there, and we stood there and stood there some more. After getting into another line, I saw we should've stayed put. A man in a neighboring line let us go ahead. The coupon was old. We paid 30 bucks for this dancing doll! But I think it's the first toy Savannah's specifically asked for, and we don't buy her a lot of toys. She'd earned it just since we got in the store.

There. We're done! A little bit of a headache, but I was able to put Seth down. I fished for my keys cause I thought I might be sitting on them, and what do I find but a tag still on my new jeans. How embarrassing. My size in big letters and the cost below it. How tacky. I felt like such a loser. It was funny when Minnie Pearl did it, but she knew the tag was there. We're good now. Savannah wants to play


  1. Kristie Miller
    Posted Sun Apr 20 23:09:13 -0800 2003 |

    I just found your site doing a search for Pampered Chef. lol :) I really like it! I thought the part about your tag on your jeans was hilarious! God knew someone that saw you that day needed a good laugh! lol I enjoyed reading it!

    - Kristie

  2. Kristie Miller
    Posted Sun Apr 20 23:13:15 -0800 2003 |

    Where are you guys from?

  3. Barbara
    Posted Tue Apr 22 10:08:11 -0800 2003 |

    As skinny as you are, you should be proud of the tag :) I am proud of Savannah for trying to ride without help. She is getting to be a big girl. And brave!