The season’s first planting

You'd think I'd be in pretty good shape after Seth is 7 months old. Running up and down stairs after children hollering is not the exercise I thought it was. Savannah (and Seth) and I planted the violets that my last secret sister gave me, and I'm still shaky from a warm, active day. Probably 80 degrees out.

Savannah really complained getting back in the warm van today. I said, "This is not hot. Where Amie and Grandaddy are, in India, that gets hot. Three years in Connecticut and we've gone soft. I never did do well in the Arkansas summers. A headache the first two hot weeks, then a two hour nap after running errands.

Anyway, one of my new year's resolutions was to start Tae-bo again. Now I remember why I didn't start resolutions until 2002. Not keeping them is disappointing. (In 2002, I decided to pay more attention on Sunday mornings, which did work at first, then I got pregnant, then Seth came.... :)