Since my mother's day gift, the travel book of New England, we have gone to a couple of places. Once to New York City. Although not really New England, it was our first time as a family without friends to lead us around.

This last weekend we stayed a night in Boston. I enjoy NYC, but the Boston area was wonderful. I especially loved Cambridge. Although I don't want to hurry winter along, Cambridge will be really nice with some snow on the ground and not so many tourists. It was surprisingly crowded. Genteel, charming, small and managable. Finding a stationary store made it especially nice. I have a weakness for pretty paper.

I have to include this. We left Saturday morning for Concord. We had tickets to see Circus Smirkus. My first circus, it was really entertaining. Twelve to eighteen year olds, they were very talented. Not a big production and a little too long for a 3-4 year old. The performers seemed to be cheerleader, gymnast, sports types. Fifteen years ago, I would've tried to find a way in the center ring.

The heat and noise (and only fruit for lunch) gave me a headache. By the time we got into Boston, I knew a migraine was upon me. I was so close to saying, "Take me home." But Brad tried to be positive. Reminding me we'd decided, after some flip flopping, to stay overnight. Plus, Savannah was looking forward to staying in a hotel.

I lay in the hotel bed, took Tylenol, prayed and took a hot shower. Hot water is very therapuetic for me. I felt better under the hot water, as I always do and realized that the headache could go away. And, for the first time, it did go away without having a night's sleep first.

With migraines I crave meat, not just protein. I wanted steak or pork. Chicken or seafood would not have hit the spot. The headache did not come back. The kids went to bed later than usual. But they did well in the restaurant. Although next time, I'll make sure we take plenty of Cheerios.