Patience Danielson

It's amazing how time flies. It's already nine o'clock. Almost time to start trying to get Brad up (It's Saturday.) I'm going to use the smell of bacon to get him up I think. I'm supposed to go out for alone time today. I prefer mornings, but Brad prefers sleeping in and children need supervision, so the compromise is going pretty smoothly. I hold my impatience at bay.

I prayed for patience last night with Savannah. Why don't I do that more often? cause it always seems to work. I find myself thinking, she's such a sweet little heart. If I didn't let her push my buttons, life could be so smooth, sailing through fun days.

For a while I've thought she wasn't listening, ignoring me, disrespecting me, until I realized recently, she likes to aggravate me! She teases me, doing the opposite of what I want, knowing it'll get a rise. I'll have to show her :)