Pregnant with Savannah, I remember looking up at a pink linen dress in Motherhood Maternity. I didn't need any more clothes, and was not tempted to buy it, but I felt really attracted to the color pink. We didn't know she was a girl, but well, here she is. Hmmm, did I somehow know she was a girl and became drawn to a color associated with girls?

With Seth we saw him on the ultrasound. He had no modesty.

There's really been no big reason for an ultrasound with this baby, so we still don't know what this one is.

I needed kitchen towels. We haven't redone the kitchen yet, so I was hesitant to commit to an accessory color. That should be decided last in decorating. But I liked the pink and white, so that's what I got. The store also had some pink mixing bowls that caught my eye and stayed on my mind. A friend reminded me it's better to buy long term things in neutral colors. I thought the towels were safe. But those bowls were still on my mind, leaving me, who really does not subscribe to old wives tales, wondering if there is a baby girl telling me to get the pink, just like Savannah wanted that pink linen dress five years ago.

I bought the bowls today. Like I always do after making a decision and then sleeping, I woke up from a nap this evening with heavy doubt. Did I make a terrible commitment? They were not cheap by my standards, but I have learned not to go cheaply. Should I return them and try to forget the pink? If this is a baby boy, pink mixing bowls could be something special for me and Savannah, my only girl, to share. If this is a girl, it may be sentimental to use them through the years wondering if she influenced my decision. Hours after waking up and getting over my doubt, I am really leaning towards keeping them. They have a bit of a 50's look to their shape, which is funny because I have an aversion to the 50's. But that's another blog.