Since I’m on a roll

Child of the 80's

Does anyone else out there have an aversion to 50's culture? I liked the movie Big Fish. But through the first hour I wondered, why did I choose this movie? My time is precious. I hardly ever get to the theater with friends. I like out-of-the-ordinary sort of movies, but an hour of looking at 50's flashbacks was making me squirm.

The timeline moved along, and I recommend Big Fish to others, good choice of actors, leaves you thinking about the story, all that. But the look of the 50's, poodle skirts, hair, furniture, etc., particularly the music bothers me. Some of their really sad songs are sung in such happy, upbeat voices and tempo, it's just weird. Maybe they were in transition. Hopefully not offending anyone who did their maturing in the 50's, just wondering if I'm the only one.