Whatever virus we caught, it made us think it was gone and came back. Apparently pregnant women are more susceptible to vertigo. Never had that before.

I began to spin Sunday morning and panicked, sitting on the couch. For some reason I associate sudden dizziness with hemorrhaging. I stayed on my left side all day. After the usual time for most pregnant women to stay dizzy, Brad and I, and "the bucket", went to the hospital. They gave me fluids, pricked my finger, and sent me home.

I saw the midwife the next day. She leaned toward a viral diagnosis. Not knowing how long this would go on, I asked if she'd induce, hoping that the birth would get rid of the vertigo. It's not like me to ask for induction. She said a virus would have to run its course, and she would wait until the due date. I get progressively better each day. I even picked Savannah up from preschool today and did just fine. I can't put my chin on my chest or lean my head very far back. And if I over do it, my body is quick to tell me. So I eat more, smaller meals, lie down a lot, and try not to pick up too many toys. Savannah and Seth both help.

I am getting fatter a little more slowly now and just waiting.