The Cycle returns

Apparently a person can lose her mind but then get it back again. I think it must happen often. Today I felt very sorry for my mother. She raised us, almost, by herself. There was some financial help from my dad, but she worked in jobs she didn't like, maybe hated, and came home to the relief of having her migraines in bed. She didn't have time for friends, and escaped through books and television.

Brad is coming home tonight from San Francisco, He misses everybody, and Brad, I intend to take full advantage of that! He'll be working from home, so I want to go walking at the track just me and Arwen, her in the Bjorn. I'll fit into my old clothes that much sooner. I can go to the post office without hauling three little ones out of the van, etc.... And Saturday he and I will go to a movie by ourselves! I think Sky Captain. Ahh, my mind's coming back already.