A total loss?

October 6th, coming home from Wednesday night Bible study, a drunk was running from the police through a residential area on the Danbury/Bethel town line. Everybody showed up. Police, firemen, EMS workers from both sides I think.

We were not quite stopped yet when we were slammed from behind. Chaos for 1 or 2 seconds, we shot across traffic, although nothing was coming our way. Once in someone yard, I realized I could brake. Seth heard the racket I made, and he cried his scared cry. Arwen had already been crying, the impact may have interrupted her for a second before she resummed. Savannah asked, "What happened?" not scared at all.

Everyone was fine. I learned after getting out and checking them that I had hit the guy in front of me and the drunk who hit me was upside down in the opposite yard. He'd broken a vertabrea? but was only in the hospital for a day. The Dodge van was a total loss. I emptied it of its contents yesterday.

We are thinking of a new vehicle, something a slightly larger for their little legs to grow and some air conditioning routed to the back. That makes me happy.