Georgia’s two hints for healthy eating

If you want to try eating healthier, I believe staying on the perimeter of most grocery stores, with the exception of the bakery, is healthier than the middle, with some exceptions there too. (I've heard this elsewhere, but I did think it before I heard it.)

I also discovered a new healthy habit. I vaccumed our tv room the other day, but the next day it looked awful again. I'd been letting the kiddies watch a movie each day with popcorn or a pop tart. So we've gone back to our old way of only eating in the kitchen. Well Savannah loves eating something in front of the tele. So I thought, an apple isn't messy. Then I realized, the crumbly foods are not as healthy as the cleaner. I shared an apple with Savannah this afternoon. She ate all her wedges and asked for more. So if it crumbles, probably not as healthy as other snacks.