Moments of clarity

Does anyone else out there have these moments during half sleep, whether going in or coming out, when he or she has a thought, very sensible, but exaggerated?

I've had neck problems since the auto accident. I had to leave my chiropractor in CT when we moved to CA. Getting settled out here caused me to put off getting a new chiropractor. My neck got slowly tighter, reminding me that it needed more attention. I think I was drifting off to sleep when I had a thought similar to what I've often had. There is so much industry in our country, it seems endless. For example, the revenue produced from dentristy, fillings, whitening, braces, root canals, over the counter products; baby products, that's a huge one; magazines, they use the computer industry for writing and layout, then there's paper upon paper produced and printed.... On this occasion drifitng off to sleep I thought about needing a chiropractor. I suddenly felt something like fear when I realized the chiropractor, although helpful, is another industry in need of my money. Then I realized, gasp, everyone wants my money! It was very unselttling, a feeling that makes me wanna stay home, save my gasoline and Starbucks money.

I actually am staying home more. Part of it is that fearful realization, but the height of it left after that transition in sleep, Some of it is Seth's doing. Sometimes he's perfectly happy letting me get him dressed and strap him into the minivan. Other times he fights me with every bit of his strength, multiple times a day. So I dread getting him in and out for "errands". So we stay home more.

Those of you who know me, know I started cleaning out my house when I was pregnant with my 2nd out of 3 babies. Moving helped us clean out even more. So when I bring things home, they'd better be important to find the time, money, as well as space for them. Anyway, since I'm staying home more, I've been exercising during that time. That pain I've had in my right hand in the early morning, especially when I open baby food jars, has really subsided. I feel a little bit leaner and my cheeks look like I'm wearing blush. It's a shame I didn't start sooner. It's crossing the line that seems the hardest. So my moment of half-sleep-clarity seems to be a link in a chain of things that are leading to a better lifestyle.