Our 4th stomach bug

Yes, since moving to California in November, this is the 4th stomach bug to make its way through our house. Brad thinks I should name them like hurricanes. This being the 4th in so short a time, I’m thinking germ warfare. It’s still in the house right now, that is, Brad and Savannah still get their turn. Since they’re not sick yet, I’m praying they don’t get it, or don’t get it like I did. I’ve been hit with a stomach bug about once a year since childhood, skipping a year here and there. It’s gotten worse since adulthood. I lost everything I had with this bug, just like the last, weak and dehydrated so that I can’t stand up straight. Toward the end there, I could feel my stomach ringing itself out. Enough details though.

Arwen did not get dehydrated. She’s discovered tinker toys in the last couple of days and found a new hiding spot in Savannah’s closet, actually the spot where we keep the tinker toys.

Seth is playing almost like normal. I’ve had to tell him to stop running in the house and not to jump off the furniture. So I think he’s fairing pretty well.

Savannah was in the bathroom with us when Seth threw up and immediately asked, “Do we get to go to (summer) school tomorrow?”

Knowing Brad, he’ll probably feel a little icky after a couple slices of pizza and then lie down for 30 minutes.

As a result of these stomach bugs, I’ve decided, finally, to slow down, do things one at a time, sit down in the hot afternoon, remember my vitamins, wait to pick up the house until the end of the day when they’re all done playing….