Everyday parties

The weather is no longer in the triple digits. But it got pretty hot for about 3 weeks. Even today, it was 98 degrees. We got them a kiddie pool and a Slip ‘N’ Slide. They’re loving it. It’s especially nice if I fill the pool at noon, then let it sit in the sun for 2-3 hours. When Arwen isn’t napping, I put her in her walker. She could’ve been walking around the back yard for the past couple of months, but it would’ve been hard for me to help the others. The last two days, I’ve let her out of her walker. She stays on the patio, not wanting to go into the grass. She puts things in the grass but won’t venture out herself. Partly, she doesn’t want to get splashed with cold pool water. It’s been fun, playing in the sun with them. Savannah loves for me to toss the ball. She can bat pretty well for five.

But I am planning for her 6th birthday party. She chose Dora the Explorer. Seth chose Blue’s Clues for his 3rd party. The parties are a great perk to having children. They’d have a party every day if I’d let them. Savannah plans pretend parties all the time, finding chips and setting the table, drawing pictures and taping them to the wall for decoration. Then she’ll write invitations and leave them in our “mailboxes”, right outside each bedroom door. At the last party, we danced, and she made up a chair game.