Caffeine: Am I really smarter?

It doesn’t just wake me up; it makes me feel good. I love to drink caffeine and call someone on the phone. I’m so chatty and say the most interesting things. If there’s no one to call or no adult in the room to talk to, I get really chatty inside my head. I’d a friend in Austin, I’m not sure what her source was, who said that drinking caffeine before taking an IQ test has the same effect as listening to Mozart, but neither effect lasts forever, and sadly, my caffeine has worn off today, and I no longer feel smart.

It leaves me with the memory though and I have the faintest thought of my next hit. I’m sensitive to caffeine, which means a headache will follow whether from too much caffeine or withdrawal, even just after two days in a row of caffeine. Of course, this is an addiction, and I back off then. I have enough problems craving sugar. (In the latter part of college I lived on coffee, 3 Cokes a day, and only a little water. I had a headache about 4 or 5 days out of the week, not fully realizing the source.)

On the flip side of my chatty caffeine high…. When I’d come down from the caffeine, I have thought for years that if I could just stay quiet, people would think I was smarter.