Savannah is still and will probably always be Savannah Banana. Sometimes I call her Miss Priss.

Arwen is Chugar Boogar. A variation on the Sugar Boogar that I called Savannah at this age. At some point after that one was given, I added Chugar Puddin’ to Arwen’s nicknames. For a couple of weeks I’ve said, “Hey Babalooba” which I got from a Dire Straits song. For a few days, I’ve heard Arwen saying, “be ba” or “be bop,” and sometimes she’ll string together a whole bunch of these sounds.

Seth and Arwen are both occasionally Boogar Bear. Seth will always be Boogar. My uncle was nicknamed Boogar all his life. Sometimes I refer to Seth as Runny Nose Choate. It sounds like his boxing name.