What I’m enjoying lately

I’ve been enjoying mildly boiled asparagus in my chicken tortilla soup, and 1/4 of an avocado. We have a restaurant in our part of California called Chevy’s. I know of one in Pleasanton and one in Livermore. They have the most unusual and best chicken tortilla soup. I don’t have the right words, but I think they’re heavier on the onion and they don’t put into it whatever makes the other kind a redish color. However, I’ll eat it any way I can get it. They give you a big sombrero on your birthday, so that’s where we’ll be February 16th.

I’ve also been enjoying the Office. I don’t compare it to the Brit version. They are both very funny, in an either side of the Atlantic sort of way.

I’ve been enjoying my children. Of course, they’ve been watching cartoons for the last hour and a 1/2. Arwen is now banging on the turtle shaped drum. Just before, she put her little piano on auto play. Seth is banging a Spongebob dvd case on the coffee table. I hate racket. I told him to stop. He said he’s “making an instrument.”

Have y’all noticed all my Georgia Journal blogs turn into kids’ blogs?

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  1. Dora
    Posted Tue Feb 7 13:32:35 -0800 2006 |

    Oh my gosh.... Don't you just love Chevy's... the only good thing here is that Stew Leonards just installed a tortilla making machine and I can get fresh ones there that remind me of Chevy's. In fact when we first moved here, we went to NYC just to go to Chevy's. And too funny, we love "The Office" too.

    We miss you tons and can't believe you go to church with my old friend Sandy McGrandle (when we knew her she was Sandy Hope). I told her to tell Savannah and Seth hello. We have to come and see them soon. I miss wrestling with Seth.