Hello old friends

For my East Coast readers, I still haven’t found any ziti* (That’s a large, tube pasta.) out here in California. The closest I’ve found is rigatoni. It’s very much the same, as memory serves. Good enough anyway, the rigatoni is big enough for the kiddies to get their finger into, but marinara makes the back of dry hands itchy.

Miss D. tells me that the soup from Chevy’s that I mentioned in my “Things I’m enjoying lately” blog entry can be found at Stew Leonard’s grocery store there in Danbury. She says it’s great. A machine churns it out, which sounds just like Stew’s. I hope they’re still making it when I get back out there for a visit.

A year and a 1/2 after leaving CT, you’d think I wouldn’t still be making comparisons to CA life, but food is one of my loves. I’m not the biggest cook, but I love to feed people and have resolved to have more folks over to the house for supper. All from Connecticut are welcome!

*(Thanks to Miss K., Baked Ziti was a staple at our Connecticut, church pot lucks.)