You did good, Daddy.

Ooooh, I just spent my gift certificate which Brad gave me for my birthday. I could’ve spent it 3 times, I think. Seth helped me pick out 3 pretty shirts.

I think part of my thanks to Brad for both my birthday and Valentine’s presents is bragging on his many gestures. I probably blogged before about “the list” that I gave Brad a year ago. It’s a present guide I made to help Brad with things that I like such as plant smells for lotion or potpourri, organic designs in jewelry, pretty paper, etc. I had really wished I’d given him “the list” sooner. I know he’s appreciated it. Also, I recently pointed out the kiosk at the mall, incidentally right in front of the Apple store, where they sell a lot of amber, jade, and opal. A few nights ago he showed up bearing gifts: a daisy shaped necklace in amber and earrings with amber, jade, and opal stones! Set in what I thought was a heart (the abstract, folky shaped kind of heart). Brad thought it looked like a leaf. Either way….

He also showed up with a pretty card, 14 red roses, a generous iTunes gift card, gift card for J.Jill, a rather heavy heart of chocolates from See’s Candies; with happy help from the kiddies was gone yesterday, and for those who read my blog, some beef jerky! :)