One of Georgia’s many food tips

The next time you make your deli sandwich, (I suggest something like turkey, swiss, green leaf lettuce, mayonnaise, and maybe a little avocado. Sprouts are good too.) anything that you would normally put in a cold sandwich, but this time, put the whole thing into the toaster oven, or regular oven if you don’t have a small one. At some point you’ll have to flip the sandwich, and any lettuce hanging over will get dry and crumbly. But it’s quite delicious. Heating up the whole thing put together, mayo and all, makes it a great treat.


  1. lauren
    Posted Sun Mar 12 17:14:28 -0800 2006 |

    We have a sub shop on campus at school, and they've recently started offering toasted subs. They put just the meat and cheese on and toast, then put everything else on. It's a really great idea, and I'm totally hooked on them. My personal favorite? Cheddar cheese bread, grilled chicken, bacon, provolone cheese, shredded parmesean, and a little honey mustard. It's not the healthiest, but its better than the deep-fried stuff they sell next door to the subs. :-)

  2. Georgia Choate
    Posted Sun Mar 12 17:51:58 -0800 2006 |

    That sounds awesome, especially the shredded parmesan. I have to give credit to a friend in Austin, TX. Susan Womack gave me the idea.